Transportation Master Plan

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Halton-Peel Freeway

Proposed Expansion

Discussions continue with the Province of Ontario on the Jurisdiction and financing of the Halton-Peel Freeway.

Question: since when did a town or a city get into building FREEWAYS?

Halton & Peel have no intention to build a freeway. People need to wake up and see the bigger picture here. The Region of Halton has allowed the Ontario goverment a way to bring in the GTA West Corridor through Georgetown – to the 401 – without a fight.

Many Milton residents are strongly opposed to the Halton-Peel Freeway. It’s time that Georgetown and Milton residents gathered together at Regional Council and say, “NO – not in our backyard!!”

Without a Halton-Peel Freeway, the West GTA Corridor would have to be built North of us, and linked to Guelph as it was originally proposed.

Do you want to see what they have planned? See it here.

On voting day, protect and preserve Georgetown! Elect Waldo Paquete for Ward 4 Councillor, and I will make a strong stand to oppose the H/P Freeway at Regional Council.

Halton Hills Cycling Master Plan

What happens to the existing property owners parking rights. An article in our local newspaper was published about Delrex bike lanes telling the residents to NOT get too comfortable; because, they will not be able to have parking in front of their homes. Now…where will your family and guests park?

We have something to say about that: if elected, the Delrex residents will have their say!

Check out the link, and see if your property rights will be interfered with!

Final List of 2010 Certified Registered Candidates

The design behind a township’s council is to bring a balanced voice from all wards – with local representation from each ward. If your councilors do not live in your ward, how can they truly voice and address the people’s concerns?


  • Halton Hills has 10 Councillors.
  • None of which live in ward 4!
  • The current Regional Councillor representing Georgetown
    (wards 3 & 4) doesn’t even live in either ward!

(Click here for a list of Ward’s 3 and 4 Councillors and candidates, and where they live in Georgetown.)

Idealy, your Councillor should live in the ward they represent! If they don’t live in the ward they represent, how can they truly have a vested interest in that area?

What possible personal stake do they have if their decisions don’t affect the community that they live in? Can they really care about that community? And, as such, why would Councillors or candidates want to represent areas that they don’t even live in?

Check out the link, and then decide: vote local – it matters!